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Healthy cats start, as with all living beings, starts with proper diet and nutrition. Dry cat food and processed canned food, just like for us, is not the best food for all felines. The youtube below explains why a raw food, such as we use with out babies, is the best diet for them.
Dry food is essentially potato chips for kitties. All taste and no nutrition and it dehydrates them leading to all kinds of health issues.
Canned food is more like a fast food hamburger. Better than potato chips, but still not good nutrition.
Here is the diet that we use with our cats and kittens.
5 pks of split chicken breasts (about 35-40lbs)
5 lbs ground turkey
4 lbs ground beef
5 lbs of combination of chicken liver and hearts (whatever I can find)
4 cans pumpkin (for fiber)
2 large containers of plain unflavored yogurt
80 wild salmon fish oil capsules (soaked in water to help dissolve)
about a cup of water that we run through the grinder
Freeze in Ziplock quart bags. (don't skimp or it will leak)
We regrind the ground meats with the chicken to help it mix together. Throw fish oil capsules in the grinder, too. (be ready for the spurt when they hit the blades). We feed about 1/4 cup per kitten three-four times a day while they are little. That just fits our schedule. Sprinkle Kitty Bloom on top of the serving and mix in. If they don't eat after about 1/2 hour, I pick it up and put it in bag and refrigerate till next meal.
Right now, with all these kittens, we make this up every week. Usually, we do it every other week. For two kittens, it might last 4-6 weeks or longer.
If you copy and paste this youtube video, Dr.Karen Becker explains the importance of raw diet for healthy cats.

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