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We ship all over the US, Canada and Internationally. As a breeder licensed to be able to ship Bengals internationally, I have experience with shipping kittens to Canada, South Korea, China, Europe, Malaysia and the US.

NOTE: It is required by law that ALL BENGALS shipped within the US come from a breeder with a USDA License (or actively in pursuit of one).

Many people ask about how we will go about shipping their kitten, so we wrote this page to explain how the process works. We will make all travel arrangements for your kitten. You just let us know your first and second choice of airports to pick the kitten up at and we'll do the rest. If we are not able to ship to your closest airport, we will schedule a flight to the next closest one available.

First, we buy the kitten his/her own carrier. We let the kitten play inside and around it and practice shutting the door and carrying. Slowly building to have the kitten comfortable in the carrier for an extended time. A few days before shipping, each kitten will have a special visit to the veterinarian. He will give the kitten a complete examination to be sure the kitten is in excellent health and then sign a health certificate for travel.

The day before. Time to pack for the trip, we make sure the carrier is labeled properly, clip on the food and water trays to the carrier and pack a small bag of iams kitten food to take along on the trip. We give kitty a bath blow dry and thorough brushing out so you don't need to worry about bathing kitty when you get her. Then we put kittys blanket down where the kittens and mother sleep, this is placed on the bottom of the carrier the next day so that the kitten will be comforted by the scent.

Shipping day - double check the list, then off to the airport. At the airport kitty has to be weighed and all the paperwork done.Arrival - You are responsible for picking up the kitten from the airport. When you get home, give us a call to let us know that the kitten have arrived safely.
Every time, it is hard to let each kitten go, but I know that I have done my best in raising them and hope that every kitten will have a wonderful new home and be very well taken care of.
We have never had any problems with shipping a kitten. If it wasn't completely safe we simply would NOT do it.

You can rest assured your kitten will have a safe comfortable trip getting to you.
We ship with America Continental or Delta Airlines and we make sure we book the flight using a direct flight to your location so to ease stress, and the flight will take some few hours to your location.

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