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Sorry for sending you a notice a little late. The airport delivery people brough our little MICKY home last night and everything about her was so perfect even more that i could immagine. I received her with all health documents and i am just coming back from the veterinarian to check about her health and everything was just perfect. I can't tell you how much excited my family is right now. I will send you more pictures as soon as possible. "

Peter J Martins & Christin Martins 
From Akron, OH

Sonny arrived safely and with all the doccuments you listed. I was afraid you were not going to stand by your word in sending our kitten after receiving our money. You know buying a pet online without knowing the person is kind of scary. However you assured me and i trusted you which tuned out positively. Please help me thank the delivery company also because they were just so awesome and understanding. They brough Sunny with a whole bag of toys and a cat tree. I sent them an email to thank them also for their services. I will soon be needing a friend for Sonny and will definitely contact you back. "

Suzan and Roberto Phillips 
Tampa, FL

I recently purchased a beautiful 14 weeks bengal girl from QUEENSLAND, and when I arrived I was in absolute awe of her and the whole set up they had for the cats. After seeing how well kept they all are and how friendly all the cats are I was just simply overwhelmed with joy and the feeling that I picked the right breeder and person. QUEENSLAND genuinly loves their animals and it is very much reflected in their behaviour. You will struggle to find a better person to get your pets from.


Derby Anderson
St.louis, MO

"Good day to the QUEENSLAND family,
We brought Loki home on Sunday and he behaved beautifully on the 4 hour drive back to Wales. He sat in his basket for a while sniffing the slowly climbed out. Two of our big cats came in to see what was going on and he showed nothing other than curiosity. He played, ate, drank and used his litter and is the most confident sweet kitten ever. He has mad hours then flops and sleeps. The big kitties are now sniffing him in amazement and starting to play too. I would like to thank QUEENSLAND and the family for breeding and raising such a fabulous kitten who has just slotted in perfectly to our household.  "

Victor Anderson
El Paso, TX

I just wanted to say thank you so much for my handsome baby boy Monty, he's settled in very well. His current favourite pastimes include chasing the Dyson when I'm cleaning, taking a shower, (he just loves water) Cuddles & sleeping on his back
When I visited your home to see him the kittens & Mum were so chilled & lovely, with great temperaments you clearly do a fab job!

So thanks again, he's super & we love him to bits, "

Jessica K.

We had to endure the loss of our oldest Bengal earlier in the year. Pagol (means lunatic in Bengali) was a great friend and was very close to his 16th birthday when he became too ill to carry on. He was such a character; we had a massive whole in the family. So we decided to contact you once again to look at some kittens. It had to be male, with lots of personality.

We decided on a young male who was pure Goldnglitz but bought up at QUEENSLAND Bengalshome. All I can say is what a choice he has turned out to be. We were more interested in personality than coat, but what a superb little man he has turned into. He is not a replacement for Pagol but the best successor you could imagine.

I say you THANKS again. "

From Thomas M
Los Angels, CA

Just want to send you a little notice about our little baby. NINA is the beautiful little beast out there. I now look at packets of posh cat food sporting pictures of Bengal cats and think my Rafiki is better looking that! She has bags of personality but is a little cuddle cat, loads of purrs and cuddles in between climbing the curtains. She does everything a good Bengal should, but on top she gives great cuddles. She does not think she is human however she does class us as being fellow cats and approaches us and plays with us as she does her other playmates (1 bengal male, and 2 Tonkinese). She is still yet to make friends with out two other bengal girls, but they are grumpy and take some getting used too.
We are so glad we added her to our family, her name is also perfect for her through. "

Kelvin S. 
From Seattle, WA 

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